Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I guess I didn't keep my word then. Because I missed May. So much for one post a month.

Exam stress kinda got to me. Not that that stress stopped me from doing anything else. Haha, I guess I was just lazy. Sorry.

 Anyway, exams are now over, and I'm on break, so I decided to come and write something.

First off, I need to vent my anger over my miserable semester break. I mean who gets one and a half weeks right? Let me tell you. ACCA students.

So that long list of things I kept putting off to do during break, I don't think I can even get half of them done.

On top of that, I went and agreed to help at my dad's office. Actually, no I didn't. But because I helped 2 years ago during my June break, I had to help again last year, and now this year. The cons of having a family firm. Family have to help when asked. Gahh.

But being the obedient person I am, I was all okay, I'll help, but just let me have the rest of this week to myself. But no, on a Sunday morning, I had to follow my appa and sister to some AGM, and do vote counts.

Despite all this I did get some time to myself. Which is why I'm still smiling. =)

Went out with Kim on thursday. That girly's on break now too. Though she's been on break for awhile now. And will be on break after I start too. Lucky people.

Yea, but I drove , first time. =)  Usually its kimmy's that's driving me around everywhere. And we had a fancy time. Though we actually went with movie plans, the cinemas didn't have anything we felt like watching, so we just looked at shops, ate and talked. I even introduced her to Ochado. Love <3

And yesterday, I went out for hair pampering time with my sister's friend, which sounds weird, But she's actually really nice, and like a sister to me too, so I don't mind hanging out with her. My sister, the betrayer, as usual, suddenly had plans and couldn't come get me like she said she would, so the sister's friend, who is like a sister to me, sent me home. She's a big kdrama fan, so you can guess what we talked about. Haha.. Actually we also talked about my sister's bridal shower, which is in the plans now. In the very early stage though. I guess we should get on with it, time is ticking.

Other than that, I finally watched Hugo. That's why I love british films, they're somehow more pleasant to watch. 

And I FINALLY started reading The Time of My Life. Hehee.. The big fuss I made when I couldn't find in the bookstores, and searched high and low to buy it, you would've thought I would finished it within hours. But no, I started 2 days ago. X]

Okay, now I'm gonna go do something from my list before Monday comes. Sayonara minna.

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